Ping Wong
Mr. Ping WONG, graduated from the University of Pittsburgh in the United States with a Master Degree of Public and International Affair, was formerly the Market Officer of the Southeast Asia Desk and later the Deputy Director at the Beijing Office of the Hong Kong Trade Development Council (HKTDC). Ping has worked for different departments of the United Nations at its New York Headquarters as an international intern.

Ping has been working in the Chinese Mainland for more than 20 years as entrepreneur and senior executive in different positions for joint ventures and listed company in areas like IT/Internet, Telecom, manufacturing and business services. He was once the COO of China InfoHighway (瀛海威), the first Internet Service Provider (ISP) in the Chinese Mainland, leading its business reengineering, corporate restructuring and rebranding. Ping started his first business in Beijing as a young entrepreneur back in 1993. He has found one of the first few biggest business centers of Beijing in 1994, running his other businesses in areas like publishing, advertising, manufacturing and consultancy. He is now in the business of corporate financing, investment, management consulting in China business, particularly related to innovation and technology.

Ping is currently Chairman of the Hong Kong Association of China Business 香港內地經貿協會 (HKACB) and Vice-Chairman of Hong Kong Innovative and Creative Media Association 香港創新媒體協會(HKICMA). He is also a Board Member and Chairman of Greater China Affairs Committee of eHealth Consortium in HK, a non-governmental organization of Health information Technology. He is making active effort to establish a cross-border platform to bring HK’s technologies to the Mainland market while matching financial and technology resources there with research teams and entrepreneurs in HK for effective commercialization, leveraging on his connections and professional resources in both the public and private sectors. Top


K.C. Lau
Mr. K.C. Lau graduated from the University of Pittsburgh with an MBA and a Master in Information Science after he finished his Bachelor Degree of Computer Science from the University of Hong Kong.

After graduate school, K.C. stayed in Pittsburgh and started up his own computer software company specialized in logistics and warehouse management. His software company was later acquired by a leading reverse logistics service provider, GENCO, where he became Senior Vice President in charge of corporate system infrastructure and product development. He has an experience working with the research team of the Mathematics Department of the Chinese University of Hong Kong for his logistics related project. GENCO was lately acquired by FedEx, one of the biggest logistics Group in the world, when K.C. decided to move back to Hong Kong for his own angel investment business. As an IT expert in third party logistics systems, he has been in charge of many technical projects for his former employer, serving customers like Walmart, Target, Kohl, AT&T, Dell Computers etc.

Prior to working in the logistics IT area, K.C. has worked as project manager in HSBC Hong Kong and Mellon Bank US. Top


Chen Hui 
Chen Hui, graduated from the China PLA Information Engineering University with a Bachelor of Computer Communication. After that, he got a Doctor of Medicine Degree at the Hepatobiliary and Intestinal Surgery Research Center of the Ministry of Health in the Central South University of China with. He also studied EMBA in Hospital Management from Tsinghua University.  

Chen has served the Army in its information department after his first degree before his further studies and researches in the medical field. He was once a visiting scholar at the National Institute of Health and Medical Quality Management (NICE) in the UK. He worked as Executive Vice Director at the Medical Quality Control and Evaluation Research Project Office of the National Health and Family Planning Commission in the China Hospital Development Research Institute in the Shanghai Jiaotong University. His researches in this Office were specifically related to information technology concerning standard of medical quality control, clinical data processing and data mining. With his unique background in both information technology and medical research, Dr. Chen has founded the Hua Ju Healthcare Assessment Information Technology (Beijing) Co., Ltd. as its CEO.  

Chen holds some public positions including Member of the Medical Services Quality Evaluation Standard Committee under the Ministry of Health, Deputy Director of Shanghai Medical Quality Evaluation Research Center and Member of the Information Management Committee of China Hospital Association. He has been contributing articles for the “Chinese Digital Medicine” Magazine. Top


Alice Tso 
Dr Alice Tso got her Doctor Degree of Business Administration from the University of South Australia after her Master Degree of Health Administration from the University of New South Wales. She is the Management Fellow of ACHSM (Australian College of Health Service Management) and Founding Fellow of HKCHSE (Hong Kong College of Health Service Executives).  

With her over 40 years professional nursing background, Dr. Tso has been in senior executive positions in Hong Kong Hospital Authority for over 25 years. During the period, she has been appointed as the General Manager of the Queen Elizabeth Hospital (the largest hospital in Hong Kong with 2,000 beds) and concurrently the Cluster General Manager of the Kowloon Central Cluster (with 5 hospitals over 4,000 beds). As the most significant part of her nursing career, Dr. Tso has effectively and efficiently led the healthcare teams in meeting the biggest challenge of SARS in 2003. In 2010, Dr. Tso was being head-hunted by the Founder of Hospital Corporation of America (HCA) to become the CEO to commission their first International Hospital in Ningbo, Zhejiang Province, China under China Health Corporation (CHC). This Joint Venture project with the local Government was completed in 2012/2013, and is now in smooth operation.  

Dr Tso, with her unique academic background and rich hospital management experience, was appointed as Founding Fellows of Nursing and Health Management in Education and Research of the Hong Kong Academy of Nursing. She has been appointed as Academic Advisor of the College of Professional and Continuing Education of the Hong Kong Polytechnics University, Honorary Assistant Professor of the School of Nursing of the Hong Kong University, Deputy Academic Director of Hong Kong Community College under the Hong Kong Polytechnic University, Honorary Associate Professor of SPACE of the Hong Kong University. Dr. Tso has long been dedicating to the training of healthcare professionals including doctors, nurses and hospital administrators in Hong Kong and the Chinese Mainland. She has founded the Hong Kong College of Nursing and Health Care Management in 2012 as their Founding Chairman. She has also been appointed before as member of the Sectorial Elector Committee for the Election of the Hong Kong Chief Executive. Dr. Tso is now Chairman of the Hong Kong Community Care Society. Top


Jackal Chan
Mr. Jackal Chan, graduated from the Hong Kong Polytechnic University with a High Diploma in Applied Chemistry, has more than 15 years of sales, marketing and operation experience covering Hong Kong, the Chinese Mainland and Taiwan. He is the co-founder of Wisers, the world's leading provider of Chinese media and market intelligence solutions. Jackal was once the General Manager, China, of Sybase 365 under SAP in providing international mobile value added services. He has run internet related projects in the Chinese Mainland for considerable period of time. Jackal has also founded Anyplex, a service provider in movie distribution for Hong Kong and Taiwan. He is also Vice President of B2C Department of SMIT (国微技术), a leading security devices provider listed in HKEX for pay TV broadcasting access worldwide and for mobile point-of-sale payment systems in China. They are the biggest Cam Card provider in the world. Jackal has been working on new IoT platforms leveraging on different smart devices under newly developed communication technologies.

Jackal is the Vice-Chairman of the Innovation and Technology Committee of the Hong Kong Association of China Business (香港内地經貿協會創新及科技委員會). Top


Simon Chan
Mr. Simon Chan graduated from University of California, Berkeley with a Master degree in Nuclear Engineering and University of Pittsburgh with an MBA. He has worked in the U.S. as nuclear engineer in Westinghouse before he worked for Pittsburgh National Bank as corporate loan officer.

After Simon came back to Hong Kong in 1989, he was the General Manager and Vice-Chairman of UTC, the then exclusive dealer of Honda Motors in Hong Kong, managing sales and marketing of different brands of motorcycles, engines and parts to China with an annual sales turnover up to USD 150 million. He has established two engine manufacturing joint ventures in 1993 and 1994 in China and Korea and was appointed as the first CEO of the China joint venture with a combined investment of USD 12 million. The China joint venture he established also became a motorcycle manufacturer two years later. He was consultant to TVS, a US$ 4 billion sales India motorcycle manufacturer, intending to invest in a US$ 30 million motorcycle manufacturing project in China. Through his experience in corporate financing and acquisition, he has structured a management buyout in 2001 to acquire an appliance company from HSBC.

As an innovative entrepreneur, Simon has established the first rotational molding plant in Hong Kong and expanded to China in 1998, providing to the Hong Kong Government a traffic related product which has been monopolized by a UK Company for many years before that. As an inventor and holder of different patents, Simon started up “Nuevopak”, the first in Asia and Pacific, to manufacture environmental friendly paper base system of protective packaging material for random packaging market like e-commerce etc. Simon has been working with different universities in HK like the Chinese University of Hong Kong, Hong Kong Polytechnic University, ASTRI in different research projects for commercialization of different technologies. He has been traveling and doing businesses all over the world with unique global reaches, covering both the developed and developing countries. Top


Sunny Tam
Dr. Sunny Tam, PhD, has 25 years of biotechnology and academic experiences in early stage R&D, preclinical testing, assay and technology development following his training from the Boston University, School of Medicine and Harvard University School of Public Health. He has held numerous scientific and management positions in small molecule discovery and protein therapeutic companies including Mitotix, Inc., Texas Biotechnology Corporation, Tanox Inc. and Charles River Laboratories. He is a pioneer in protein microarray development and application of proteomic tools in drug discovery, biomarker discovery and assay development.

Dr. Tam has helped to establish a number of biotech startup companies in the US and Canada. He is well published and has contributed significantly toward a number of issued patents and federally awarded grants. He has completed a number of projects for major US biopharmaceutical and government sponsors in new protein technology development, further advancing biomarker discovery and product applications in a number of chronic human diseases.

During his tenure as the Program Director and Research Associate Professor at the University of Massachusetts Medical School, Dr Tam has successfully established instructional programs in the training of Postdoctoral fellows, PhD/MD & PhD students, and local undergraduate student interns. While serving as the Vice President of R&D at Nuclea Bio and research faculty member at Clark University, he again has created a state of art GLP Proteomics and Metabolomics laboratory in the training of graduate and undergraduate students. More recently, he is leading a graduate Biotechnology department at Framingham State University in the recruiting of faculty members and training of students in the technical & managerial roles of the fast expanding biopharmaceutical industry. Top


Clube Ng
Mr. Clube Ng has over 20 years in eHealth and ICT and he has actively engaged in the eHealth development in HK, Greater China and Asia Pacific. He has participated the HK Health Reform consultation and the development of territory-wide eHealth Record Sharing System since 2008. He has also helped the organization of the Greater China eHealth Forum since 2011. Clube e has assisted Asia eHealth Information Network to incorporate in HK in 2015.

Clube is the chairman of Industry Liaison and Partnership SIG of Smart City Consortium, the co-opted board member of eHealth Consortium, the Working Council member of Asia eHealth Information Network, and the CEO of eHealth Research Institute Ltd. Top


Jason Yuen
Jason Yuen graduated from the University of Hong Kong with a B.Soc.Sc. (Hon) major in Economics. He then obtained a Master of Urban and Regional Planning from the University of Sydney. Jason is a Chartered Financial Analyst (CFA) and he is also a licensed representative (RA1) under the Hong Kong Securities and Futures Commission (SFC).

Jason is an investment professional with over 20 years of experience in financial analysis, valuation, acquisitions, equity investment, and corporate finance. He has participated in numerous projects including both domestic and joint venture investments, located in various Asian countries, including China, Philippine, Thailand, and Pakistan. He is interested in infrastructure, environmental, retail, and healthcare industries. He has acted as financial advisor and professional analyst for many projects and companies in different counties, including a Chinese environmental service company for private equity investment and public listing, a Chinese e-payment platform for raising C-round, a geothermal power project in Indonesia, a wood pellet project in Philippines, a thermal power project in Thailand, a Chinese waste-to-energy power project etc. Top


Donald Li
Donald Li, graduated from Tsinghua University with a Bachelor Degree of Engineering in Engineering Mechanics and Aerospace Engineering, is in his PhD program in the Cognitive Science Department at Johns Hopkins University, USA. His research focuses on understanding the nature of mental representation and cognitive processes. Donald applies behavioral, neuroimaging and computation methods in his researches. One of his current project is using a virtual reality (VR) environment to examine how is new knowledge represented, and how does it interact with pre-existing knowledge.

Since 2015, Donald has been a teaching assistant in several courses at Johns Hopkins University, including Cognition, Introduction to Cognitive Neuropsychology, Cognitive Neuroscience and the Probabilistic Model of Visual Cortex. Top


Patrick Tse
Mr. Patrick Tse, former Information Officer of the World Bank specialized in Teaching and Learning. His experience is at the intersection of technology and learning. He has worked for more than 26 years in public sector organizations in designing and managing blended learning programs and knowledge products for more than 50 countries in the United States, Europe, Asia, the Middle East and Africa.

He also worked in the Institute of international Studies and Education in the United States, provided advisory services and technical assistance on training and knowledge management projects for key clients such as the USAID ( United States Agency for International Development) and UNHCR (United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees). He has a Master degree in Computer Science specialized in Software Engineering and a Master degree in Education specialized in Instructional Design and Technology. He is passionate about innovative learning methodologies and its opportunities for development. His current interests range from pedagogy and technologies, including serious games, social technologies, big data in education, and future e-learning trends. Top